Membership benefits for individuals

Here are 5 great reasons for you to go Premium

Top priority support

With the surge of interest in LOINC, Regenstrief doesn't have the resources to hand-tailor responses to all of the questions and technical support queries we receive. But, your Premium Membership comes with a gateway to our experts who can help answer your questions.

Automated change file delivery

When a new LOINC version is published, we'll automatically send you a copy of the LOINC changes file to the email address you specify.

Access to past LOINC releases (through membership site and FTPS)

If you want to go back in time to a previous release, this feature unlocks our archive of past LOINC releases. You'll have access to the most recent LOINC version and past releases on both the membership site and our FTPS server. FTPS is also great if you're looking to automate (script) downloading of the most recent LOINC version.

Option to purchase a Mapping Validity Check

You'll have access to purchase our exclusive Members-only Mapping Validity Check program. Send us a file with your local term to LOINC mappings, and we'll use our custom software to check your mappings and send you back a report highlighting potential problems.

Get 20% off the LOINC Essentials book

Receive a discount on every purchase of Daniel Vreeman's new book LOINC Essentials, a step-by-step guide for getting your local codes mapped to LOINC.

Support a noble cause

A rising tide lifts all boats. Our Premium Members help make it possible for Regenstrief to continue making so many LOINC resources free to the global community.

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